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My name is Lisa O’Sullivan

I am a illustrator, pattern and textile designer and animator. I have a B.DES in Textile Design, and in July 2018 I completed my MA in Character Animation.

I have 2.5 years experience as a children’s accessories pattern and surface designer; I was the sole in-house designer for Sportech LTD in Dublin.

I sketched, designed and coloured all art work, and was in charge of communicating with our print team in China.

I am a massive paperchase fan and have been for years - I love everything bright and quirky.

Below are a selection of patterns made during my time with Sportech.


I also used to teach observational drawing! I am capable of much more traditional draftsmanship.

Feel free to browse the rest of my work on the site! Just know you won’t be able to navigate back to this page, as this link was set up specifically for you guys.

Thank you so much for your time!

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